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Little Rapids Corporation is a leader in the healthcare, beauty, specialty paper and custom converting markets. With a culture dedicated to innovative design, customer service and operational excellence, we deliver products that offer protection, value and convenience.
Leading is not always a matter of size, but refers equally to the quality of our products, the strength of our brands and the reliability of our service.

Our eight core values represent the way we will achieve our goals and turn our vision into reality. Taken together, these values translate into a set of behavioral expectations that unite us and guide our decision-making, conduct and actions.

Take care of one another
Commit to the success and well-being of teammates. Help, support and encourage. Never walk past hazards. Have empathy. Be available. Say “thank you.”

Be easy to work with
Deliver exceptional service. Act with urgency. Simplify the customer experience. Take pride in your work. Listen to your customers. Remove barriers. Be positive and friendly. Learn from poor experiences.

Do great things together
Individual commitment to a group effort. Collaborate to deliver excellence.

Be transparent
Create clarity through candid communication. Build strong relationships that establish trust. Encourage healthy debate. Provide and accept constructive feedback. Be honest.

Improve every day
Challenge the status quo. Try new things – learn from failure. Value diverse thought. Inspire others. Be proactive, take action. Pursue new knowledge, help others learn.

Be humble
Be willing to learn. Listen to and respect others. Admit when you don’t know. Ask for and accept help.

Create contagious energy
Be positive, enthusiastic and fun. Make work enjoyable. Smile, laugh and be the spark that energizes. Celebrate successes. Be authentic. Be memorable.

Dream big. Think big. Act big
Embrace creativity, imagination and diverse thinking. There is always more than one way. Be bold. Imagine what could be.


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